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Sacranet has been providing web services to clients since before the turn of the century! (Well, since 1999).

It was in 1997 that I put together my first, rather simple, web site dealing with family genealogy.Dwight Finger - Webmaster To do this, I had to learn the language of the web, HTML. As time went on and I updated the site, I realized I was learning more about web programming. It then occurred to me that the skills I had developed could be used to help others, so I made my talents available and soon was helping one, then two, then three... clients.

Things have moved on from the original HTML, and today the current standard is HTML5, which offers more compatibility, along with CSS3 and php. Of course nothing stands still in the computer world. The current state of things now requires support for smart phones. While one approach has been to build a separate additional site to support these, I am now working with Responsive Web Design (RWD). This method provides a good user experience for desktops, tablets, and smart phones with support for screens of all sizes.

Although there are a number of automated programs (featuring drag-and-drop) available to create web pages, I feel that my 'hand coding' results in more efficient and more compatible web sites.

I do the work myself, I know each client, and I give each one personal attention. This personal relationship results in a sense of comfort and trust between my clients and me.

Sometimes the question comes up, I recently saw an ad for a do-it-yourself website. Do I really need to hire you?
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As technology moves on, I find there are always things to learn about new techniques in web site development.

I invite you to call and speak to me personally, and we can discuss your website desires and needs.

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Free WebsiteCan I do it myself?

From time to time that question comes up. Perhaps you've seen an ad like this. Think about it. Can you change the oil in your car? Can you fix a leak in your sink? The answer is yes, you probably can. But just because you can do something doesn't mean you should!

It may be possible to make a website that seems to look good. But perhaps the underlying code is strange. Does it meet the current HTML5 standard? Will it look the same in all browsers? What about tablets and smartphones? Will it download quickly? Optimizing a site for quicker loading has benefits. Or, you can't get things to look the way you want. It turns out to be more trouble than it's worth.

Sometimes grammar is a problem. I've seen sites where people don't know where to use there, their, or they're; your or you're. No do-it-yourself site builder can help you with that.

Here are some examples of e-mail correspondence from Sacranet clients who tried to do it themselves:

"...I have not updated it for several months and there has been some update to their database and the whole thing is just harder than I need to do on my own so I'm looking for some help
My host is :
I can get to what they call the "C panel" my user name and password seem to work there.
I can not get to the administration page. that I'm sure is where I actually built and modified my website.
That should be
I can not open that page, I think I just updated my user name and password there (using C panel) but I can't open that page."
- Martin
"I'm getting the same error message you are. I'm sure there is some way to move this so you can host. Long story short I want to try something new. I like everything you say here, I've seen your work. I can no longer work with the host site. Let me know what you need from me next and let's move forward."
- Mark
"Like the idiot I am, I went in to change the meta-tag title to read ----- from the old version that said -----. While i was able to change it, I messed up something, the page menus are acting funny. Could you give the code a quick looky ?"
"Ok everytime I try to edit or add mp3s to the Music page, they dont work and I get a different menu version that delete the "Special CD offer" selection. It seems I cannot edit my website at all without screwing it up."

Clients Who Left, but Decided to Come Back

"If it's okay with you, I would rather have you have control of it and just make changes when they need something. In all honesty, these guys are driving me nuts. [The boss] wanted to use this company and then they merged or were bought by another company and now they are someone else. Not sure I even have it all straight."
- Carol 10/25/18
"They did a good job they just had so much that I didn't need, like setting up appoints and doing the billing. I am looking forward to working with you again. If you need anything from me just let me know."
- Kathy 8/23/18

These people are now, or are again, satisfied clients of Sacranet.

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