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Hosting, monthly: $10, includes:

We also offer an annual hosting rate of $99, paid in advance, which comes out to $8.25 a month.

Additional sites to the same client are just $8 per month, or $75 annually for hosting.

* Google Sitemaps inform Google's crawler about all your pages and help people discover more of your web pages.

Setup fee:

Domain setup and registration $20 (good for 1 year and $16 a year thereafter)
* dot-biz, dot-info and dot-us require a two-year minimum

Page Composition / Site Maintenance: $55/hr

Typically, it takes about 4 hours to put together the first page and about 1-2 hours for each additional page. Of course this can vary either way depending on the complexity of the page. This includes composing a page with all needed text, links and graphics including custom artwork, graphics editing, and image scanning.
(Video production is priced separately.)

Domain registration and monthly hosting fees are payable in advance, while page design and maintenance are billed at the month's end. We can send billing statements via snail mail or e-mail. We accept credit card payments through this website.

At one time, I was able to make quick changes for clients without charge. However, as my workload increased, I found that in the course of a month, these began to add up. So I have made the move to charging in tenths, that is increments of 1/10 of an hour (.1 hour), with a 1-tenth minimum (.1 hour equals 6 minutes).

Sacranet makes good use of PHP. When combined with a MySQL database, this makes a powerful, interactive web site. Adobe Flash, once very popular for animations, has become less desirable since it is not supported by iOS systems. (Mac computers, iPad, iPod, etc). For that reason Sacranet is now working with HTML5, the current standard, which utilizes the .mp4 format for video.

While I am not a professional photographer, I do have digital photography equipment and I am able to take and edit pictures at the regular hourly rate.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to post all copyrighted and trademarked material. We will put the notices, ® © where you need them.

It's interesting to note that the above prices are quite competitive. I recently received an e-mail from a web developer, here is part of what it said:

Our basic websites begin in the $1500 range. Ecommerce (shopping) sites begin in the $2400 range, and our long-term maintenance packages begins as low as $49.95/monthly, if pricing is your primary concern.

With the features listed above, Sacranet can offer the same service in the $500 range, with the monthly hosting charge of just $10.