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As anyone who’s ever watched a great documentary knows, stories told in video can be amazingly powerful. Yet as anyone who has sat through home movies knows, they can be quite boring as well.

The demand for delivering video over the World Wide Web is increasing dramatically. However, one thing we'd like to mention is to have realistic expectations. Web video is not TV quality, although it is improving. Bandwidth limitations often make creating quality desktop video a challenge. Tradeoffs will have to be made between file size, image quality, frame rate, and the length of the presentation.

Sacranet is now working with the current HTML5 standard with videos presented in the .mp4 format.

Let the team at Sacranet handle all these things for you. With years of experience in the television industry, we are well equipped to professionally create, manage and deliver your video project.

The base rate is $1,000 per minute of finished video ($750 minimum). This includes our photographer coming to your location* and shooting the needed footage, then editing it into a finished presentation, with the necessary effects, titles, music, and dialog.

* Sacramento, CA area

This is a short sample of the video production that Sacranet offers. Of course we can create more complex clips, with voice-overs, effects, and live sound bites. Your clip can be displayed in different sizes, can be made to start playing automatically (not recommended) or manually, and can be displayed with or without the play controls.